Tashi Kyil Monastery


Available Programs On Tour Upon Request

Tibetan Cultural Programs

Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Educational presentations and talks about Tibet and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.


On Tibetan cooking, Tibetan Yoga, Tibetan Language & Alphabet, and Tibetan Art.

Tibetan Dinner and Recipes

Traditional Tibetan dinner prepared by Bhikshus for guests. Recipe cards of Tibetan dishes are available for sale.

Tibetan Village Dance

A performance of a Tibetan village dance called “Tashi Sholpa,” the dance used to welcome His Holiness the Dalai Lama upon his visit to a monastery or Tibetan settlement.

This dance is included in the Tibetan Dinner. The Bhikshus welcome dinner guests with this dance.

Tibetan Buddhist Programs

Blessing Ceremonies

Chenrezig (Compassion Buddha), Medicine Buddha, and Tara blessing ceremonies.

The Tashi Kyil Bhikshus do not give empowerments but will perform these effective and powerful tantric blessings upon requests.

Blessings of Homes and Businesses

Rituals performed to remove obstacles and give blessings at homes and businesses.

Debate Demonstrations

Debate Demonstration during which the Bhikshus debate the meaning of a Dharma text (with English explanation provided).

Such debates are a daily part of the learning process of Bhikshus studying Dharma at Tibetan monasteries.

Meditation Instructions with Sacred Mantras

Chenrezig (Compassion Buddha), Medicine Buddha, and Tara instructions — followed by meditation sessions.

Participants receive copies of mantras with explanations. Chantings by the Tashi Kyil Bhikshus accompany these sessions.

Meditation Mantras in Sanskrit

Mantras and prayers chanted in Sanscrit by Ven. Lobsang Jamyang, who received trainings in this practice at Banaras Hindu University in Varanasi. Pali and Sanskrit are the original languages of Buddhism.

Prayer Flags

Rituals to bless and hang prayer flags at homes and businesses.

Pujas (Prayer Offerings)

Prayer offering rituals to relieve sufferings and eliminate negativities.

A smoke puja can be performed outside to remove obstacles. In addition, the Bhikshus may perform the Black Hat Dance, whose purpose is to eliminate afflictive emotions and misconceptions that cause sufferings.

If you would like to see a full list of available pujas to be performed at our center (TKTBI in Kingston, NY) upon request, please click here.

Sacred Sand Mandalas

Sacred Sand Mandala of “World Peace,” Chenrezig (Compassion Buddha), or Medicine Buddha

Buddhist Practice Workshops

Prayers and ceremonial horns for His Holiness the Dalai Lama followed by Mandala Offering.

Bhikshus make a Mandala Offering to dedicate all virtuous actions for the benefit of all sentient beings, followed by explanations as well as instructions on mandala mudra (hand gesture).

In addition, Bhikshus demonstrate proper ways of prostrating and setting up a Buddhist altar.

Dharma Discussions

Discussions of the Four Noble Truths and Seven Limb Prayer.

Requesting Programs in Your Area

You may choose one or more of the above program options to be performed at your organization and/or in your area. We encourage “mixing and matching” to give your audience the best possible experience.

Please note that the Bhikshus are monastics and not entertainers and therefore will not present a cultural pageant. Their programs are reflections of who they are — Tibetan Buddhist Bhikshus. Please respect their identities and respective programs.

For each program, there is a requested donation from the public. Please refer to this page for suggested donations.

The Bhikshus will put on sale handcrafted merchandise made by Tibetan refugees in India as they travel to your area to give programs. All received donations and proceeds of merchandise sales go to fund the Tashi Kyil Monastery in Dehradun, India.

To request programs, please contact Staci Jennings at [email protected]  or at (812) 360-3399.